by J. Irvin Dally

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all songs written and recorded by J. Irvin Dally
produced by Salvador Dally


released March 16, 2017

"Rest Less" ~ song name inspired by Sam "Scoop Dogg" Farzin's tattoo



all rights reserved


J. Irvin Dally Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Rest Less
Restless hearts make for reckless starts.
At it again, the same old sin, my age can't change the wind.

How many mornings will I forget my dreams, to live my days incomplete.
Wishing ain't worth it now, skin's crawling, gotta get out.
Somewhere else, always wishing I was.
Track Name: Gold
Dive head first in the pool with my drink, socks and my shoes.
Soaking wet, laughing hard and a little unsatisfied.
Never thought I'd need more than a wild night.
High when I hit the floor, stayed down, lights were out, the party's over.
But closed eyes don't hide what I knew before,
You can't hold on to what you have and reach out for more.
My gold don't glitter no more
(I think I know what I want)
(Not gonna take it back)
Track Name: Pisces Kiss
Hours and hours and days and days spent talking,
How did it come to this?
You were crying so I drove you home.
Quiet there in the front seat, of course we kissed again,
Tasted like the tears from your eyes.
But then you ran inside.
Track Name: Just Another Walk On the Moon
Slow down, take time, rewind (just another walk on the moon).
Midnight, calls me, outside (just another walk on the moon).

For once, let go, find me (just another walk on the moon).
Shadows, above, everyone (just another walk on the moon).
If I say I'm sorry would it change your mind?
I'd climb in through your window like an older time.
Track Name: Tomorrow Never Comes
Tomorrow never comes,
when I wake it's always still today
Track Name: Mirror Talks Back
Speaking backwards to the mirror with my fingers crossed.
Been over this in my head time and time again.
Prayed so loud it turned to shout but I couldn't sing these demons out.
Thought I payed the cost but the words have all been lost.
Track Name: You
Time's up, I can't do this again.
Another night, another wasted sin.
If I break free, if I break free... from you.

You were high on the Holy Ghost,
I was your punching bag who took the most.
If I break free, if I break free